Exercises and actions of Mediterra Institute, were included in the 1st Table Tennis for Development Handbook by the World Table Tennis Federation Foundation!

 The 1st Table Tennis for Development Handbook by the ITTF Foundation is a fact! A huge “thank you” from all of us at Mediterra, for the honor of including our exercises and activities.

Through table tennis – and sport in general – much can be corrected and many friendships can be created. Without age, racial, religious, physical or other discrimination, without prejudice and egoism, we can all love our fellow man, be loved by society and together create a healthy future.

The guide can be downloaded here https://bit.ly/3XBYXY9

Inside and on pages 105 to 108 entitled “Activity 3: We Shall Overcome!” (the page number is shown at the bottom right of the guide) include exercises and activities of the Mediterra Institute.

It should be noted that this is the first time that the World Federation Foundation has produced something like this and it is the only guide of this kind that currently exists worldwide.